What Does Westwood Do?

History and Overview

Westwood was founded in 1929 by developers Arthur Letts Jr. and Harold Janss on land formerly part of Rancho San Jose de Buenos Ayres. Janss Investment Company was behind the early development of Westwood as a planned community with a Mediterranean theme. The first building constructed was the Holmby Building in 1929.

The original Westwood village commercial area was designed to complement the residential community surrounding the UCLA campus. Janss hired architects Edwin Bergstrom and daughter Julia Morgan to give the commercial district a distinctive look with brick buildings, stone and tile work, fountains and archways. Westwood Village was designed to evoke a romantic feeling of Old World Spain.

Over time, Westwood Village evolved to also incorporate contemporary architecture and expanded with office high rises, entertainment centers, and more retail options while retaining its original charm and aesthetic. It remains a beloved shopping and entertainment district today. Westwood is sometimes referred to as the “heart” of West Los Angeles.

Services and Offerings

Westwood Services provides a broad range of services for Iranians and the Iranian diaspora community around the world. Their main offerings include:

  • Passport, visa and consular services – They assist with passport renewals, obtaining visas for travel to Iran, and other consular needs. Many Iranians living abroad rely on them for help navigating the bureaucratic processes. (https://westwood.services/?lang=en)
  • Legal services – Westwood has extensive experience with legal issues specific to Iranians abroad. They can provide legal advice and representation related to immigration, business law, and other areas. (https://westwood.services/services/?lang=en)
  • Translation services – With native Persian speakers on staff, they provide professional translation between English and Persian for legal documents, certificates, websites and more. (https://westwood.services/services/?lang=en)
  • Business support – Westwood helps Iranian business owners with company formation, accounting, tax preparation, licensing, intellectual property issues and any business requirements. (https://westwood.services/?lang=en)
  • Travel services – They can assist with booking flights, hotels, tours, and other travel arrangements, especially for travel to/from Iran. (https://westwood.services/?lang=en)

With deep expertise serving the Iranian community, Westwood aims to be a one-stop shop to fulfill a diverse range of service needs from their locations in Los Angeles and Iran. (https://www.bbb.org/us/ne/la-vista/profile/carpet-and-rug-cleaners/westwood-services-0714-104008171)

Industries Served

Westwood Industries LLC primarily serves the food and beverage, hygiene, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries across North America and Europe. The company provides high-quality processing equipment and solutions tailored to the needs of each industry.

For the food and beverage industry, Westwood offers processing solutions including conveyors, mixers, grinders, slicers, bowl lifters and vacuum tumblers. These help food manufacturers with production and packaging of baked goods, meats, cheeses and other foods. Westwood’s hygiene solutions include processing equipment for paper towels, tissues, diapers and feminine hygiene products.

In healthcare, Westwood provides equipment for wound care, bandages, pharmaceutical packaging and more. Some of their specialized medical equipment includes applicators, sanitary napkin making machines and tableting machines for pharmaceuticals. Across industries, Westwood aims to improve efficiency, product quality and safety through their processing and packaging solutions.

Locations and Geographies

Westwood operates in over 20 countries worldwide, with a strong presence across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific (https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Westwood/locations). Some of Westwood’s largest office locations include Dallas, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; London, UK; and Singapore.

In the United States, Westwood has major hubs in Dallas, Houston, Tulsa, and Los Angeles. The Dallas headquarters acts as the nerve center for many of Westwood’s operations and houses over 1,000 employees (https://www.indeed.com/cmp/The-Westwood/locations). Other notable US locations include Denver, Colorado and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Internationally, Westwood has spent years establishing operations across Europe and Asia. Major European offices can be found in London, Aberdeen, Brussels, and Stavanger. In Asia Pacific, Westwood retains large presences in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Perth, and Singapore.

Clients and Case Studies

Westwood Capital has worked with many notable clients over the years across a wide range of industries. Some of their major clients include large financial institutions, real estate investment trusts, energy companies, and more.

One example project was advising a major US financial institution on acquiring tens of thousands of single family homes out of foreclosure, researching the market opportunity and making recommendations. This was part of the firm’s strategy during the 2008 financial crisis, as covered in Westwood research and commentary to clients.

Another notable engagement was providing independent advice to the board of a publicly traded REIT on evaluating strategic alternatives. Westwood helped assess options ranging from maintaining the status quo to a sale of the company or merger. Their analysis enabled the board to determine the best path forward.

Overall, Westwood Capital prides itself on providing thoughtful and strategic advice customized to each client’s unique situation and objectives. The firm’s wide industry experience along with expertise in M&A, restructurings, and capital raising enables them to deliver solutions that drive results.

Leadership and Culture

Westwood’s leadership team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about transforming lives through the power of community. The senior leadership includes Co-Founders and Lead Pastors Raymond and Rachel Boniphace, who established Westwood Church in 2010. The Boniphaces emphasize the importance of relationships and connecting people to God and each other.

a photo of the westwood leadership team

Other key leaders include Creative Arts Pastor Lee McDerment, Executive Pastor Greg Surratt, and Campus Pastors like Daniel Harrison, who oversee specific locations. The leadership team fosters a welcoming, inclusive environment where people can build meaningful relationships.

At Westwood, “we believe life transformation happens in the context of relationship” (https://westwoodchurchsc.org/about). The church focuses on creating a positive culture rooted in love, grace, and biblical truth. Core values include being relational, accountable, collaborative, and “obsessed with changed lives.” Overall, Westwood aims to be a diverse community where everyone can grow in their faith and discover their purpose.

Awards and Recognition

Westwood has received numerous awards and recognition for their outstanding work and achievements over the years. Some of the key awards they have won include:

The Hermes Creative Awards, which recognize excellence in concept, writing, and design across all creative disciplines. Westwood won the Platinum Award in 2018 for their work on an integrated marketing campaign for a major client. (https://www.crownawards.com/westwood-trophies.html)

The Telly Awards, which honor video and television across all screens. Westwood won a Bronze Telly in 2016 for their animated video work on a public awareness campaign.

The MarCom Awards, which recognize outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. Westwood won multiple Gold MarCom awards between 2017-2019 for brand identity design and integrated campaigns.

The Communicator Awards, which recognize big ideas and excellence in marketing and communications projects. Westwood has won over a dozen awards since 2015, including an “Award of Excellence” in 2018 for a website redesign.

These awards demonstrate Westwood’s consistent ability to deliver creative, impactful work that achieves results for their clients. Their numerous accolades highlight their status as an industry leader.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Westwood has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community. The company partners with organizations focused on sustainability, human rights, and other social causes. Some of their key initiatives include:

Reducing their environmental footprint by using sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and recycled polyester. They have a goal to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals by 2020.1

Supporting organizations that fight for human rights, social justice, and climate action. Vivienne Westwood, the company’s founder, is outspoken about issues like global warming and spreads awareness to drive change.1

Partnering with NGOs and charities focused on important causes through donations, volunteering, and promoting their work. Some partners include Cool Earth, ClientEarth, and UNICEF.

Providing internships, training programs, and employment opportunities to underserved populations and youth at risk.

Overall, Westwood aims to use business as a force for good. The brand has an anti-establishment ethos and wants to drive positive change on social and environmental issues.

Financial Performance

Westwood has seen steady revenue growth over the past several years. According to Zoominfo, Westwood’s revenue was $246.4 million in 2021, up from $207 million in 2020. The company has invested in acquisitions and expanding service offerings to drive growth.

Westwood Holdings Group, the parent company of Westwood Professional Services, reported total revenue of $84.1 million in 2019, down from $122.3 million in 2018, according to Finbox. The company attributed the decrease to market volatility and client risk aversion.

Going forward, Westwood plans to continue pursuing strategic acquisitions to add new capabilities and expand into new geographies and industries. The company aims to deliver steady growth by providing exceptional service to existing clients and attracting new clients across its service lines.

Future Outlook and Goals

Westwood has an optimistic vision for the future and plans to continue evolving and growing its company. Some of their key goals include:

Expanding globally – Westwood aims to open new offices and serve more clients worldwide. They plan to build out their presence in Europe and Asia.

Developing new service offerings – Westwood wants to expand its expertise into new industries and create innovative solutions to better serve client needs. They are actively investing in emerging technologies.

Attracting top talent – By fostering an award-winning culture, Westwood hopes to recruit the brightest professionals globally across all service lines.

Giving back – Philanthropy and social responsibility will remain central to Westwood’s identity. The company plans to enhance its community programs and partnerships.

Overall, Westwood is optimistic about increasing market share in a growing industry. With strong leadership and a commitment to clients, Westwood aims to continue its upward trajectory for years to come.

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