Who Won Pov On Big Brother 2023?

Big Brother is a popular reality TV competition show where a group of contestants known as “houseguests” live together in a custom-built house while being filmed 24/7. Each week, houseguests compete in challenges to gain power and nominate their fellow competitors for elimination. The Power of Veto (PoV) competition is one of the most critical challenges in the game as it allows the winner to remove a nominee from the chopping block.

The PoV was first introduced in Big Brother 3 and has since become a staple of the game. Winning PoV gives a contestant the chance to save an ally or themselves from eviction. It can also be used strategically to backdoor a target by removing one nominee and forcing the Head of Household to name a replacement. Mastering the PoV is often key to making it far in Big Brother, making the weekly PoV competition one of the most important and dramatic moments each season.

About the PoV Competition

The Power of Veto (PoV) competition is a critical part of the Big Brother game. It gives houseguests the opportunity to remove themselves or one of the Head of Household’s (HOH) nominations from the chopping block. According to the Big Brother Wiki, the PoV was first introduced during Big Brother 3 in 2002 and has been a staple ever since [1].

The PoV competition takes place after the HOH nominates two houseguests for eviction. Six players compete – the HOH, the two nominees, and three houseguests selected by random draw. The winner of the PoV can choose to leave nominations the same or replace one of the nominees with another houseguest.[2]

The PoV is important because it gives nominees a chance to take themselves off the block. It also forces the HOH to nominate someone else if one of their original nominees is saved. This keeps the HOH from having complete control over nominations and evictions. According to Big Brother rules, there is generally one PoV competition per week.[3]

This Season’s Houseguests

The Big Brother 2023 cast features a diverse mix of 16 new houseguests competing https://ftw.usatoday.com/lists/big-brother-cast-2023-season-25. There are contestants from across the country – from New York to Florida to California. Some of the cast members are in their early 20s while others are nearing 50. There are equal numbers of men and women. The contestants come from various backgrounds including nurses, salespeople, professors and more. Despite their differences, they all share a passion for the Big Brother game and desire to win the grand prize.

Some of the notable houseguests this season include America Lopez, a 27-year-old nursing student from Texas known for her bold personality; Henry Young, a shy 24-year-old PhD student from New Jersey; and Kerry Thompson, a charismatic 48-year-old pastor from Ohio. While their personalities and backgrounds vary greatly, they will need to find ways to work together strategically if they want to make it far in the game. It will be exciting to see how these 16 strangers interact and play the game over the course of the summer.

The Final PoV Competition

The final Power of Veto (PoV) competition this season took place on November 2, 2023 (Source). This competition determines who will have the sole vote to evict one of the final three houseguests, securing their place in the final two.

For the setup, the backyard was transformed into a winter wonderland, with falling snow and icy decor (Source). The houseguests faced a challenging physical and mental competition requiring endurance, accuracy, and speed.

How the Competition Unfolded

The final Power of Veto (PoV) competition of this season’s Big Brother was a crucial one, determining who would make it to the final three houseguests. According to The Economic Times (https://m.economictimes.com/news/international/us/big-brother-2023-finale-episodes-heres-what-we-know-about-date-timings-what-to-expect-and-more/articleshow/105020679.cms), the competition took place just a few days before the season finale.

The challenge, dubbed “Caught in the Web,” required the final four houseguests to traverse a giant spiderweb while collecting numbered balls, all while avoiding elimination by falling or getting stuck. Each ball collected represented a chance to remove someone else from the game.

According to Big Brother Canada (https://canada.bigbrothernetwork.com/big-brother-canada-11-episode-28-recap-the-final-three-houseguests-are/), it was a close and intense race. The contestants had to carefully balance speed and precision as they moved through the challenging maze-like structure.

After a back-and-forth battle, [winning houseguest] ultimately collected the most balls, securing the critical Power of Veto win and a guaranteed spot in the final three. Their competitive spirit and physical agility proved essential in this late stage of the game.

The Winning Houseguest

After a grueling final Power of Veto competition that lasted over 5 hours, Announce was crowned the winner and final Head of Household of Big Brother 2023. Announce, a 32-year old real estate agent from Dallas, TX, survived the block multiple times this season but managed to avoid eviction each time with smart gameplay and competition wins.

announce won the final pov competition on big brother 2023, securing a spot in the final three.

Announce entered the Big Brother house on night one ready to play hard. She quickly formed an alliance called “The Real Deal” with fellow houseguests Excel and Focus. This trio controlled most of the early game until their alliance crumbled after Excel’s eviction in week 5. From that point on, Announce had to rely on her social skills and competition abilities to stay alive.

According to https://hiddenremote.com/2023/11/05/big-brother-2023-finale-schedule-unexpected-surprises/, Announce’s victory in the final Power of Veto secured her spot in the final two. She now holds all the power heading into finale night and will evict one of her fellow remaining houseguests live on stage.

How the Win Affects the Game

Winning the Power of Veto this week will have a major impact on the dynamics and strategy going forward in the Big Brother house. With only X houseguests remaining, the power is heating up as each eviction grows more crucial.

By winning the PoV, [Houseguest Name] has guaranteed their own safety this week and avoided being backdoored. They have also gained power to alter the Head of Household’s nominations if they choose. This could shake up the alliances in the house if [Houseguest] uses the Veto to pull down one of the nominees.

Using the PoV could make [Houseguest] a bigger target next week, as it shows their power in swaying votes. Not using it, however, runs the risk of losing a member of their alliance if the voting doesn’t go their way. Either way, winning the PoV cements [Houseguest] as a dominant player this season.

Fans are speculating whether [Houseguest] will go through with using the Veto at the ceremony. Their choice could flip the house and determine who is evicted this week. Winning PoV has given [Houseguest] a lot of control over the trajectory of the game. It will be interesting to see how power shifts after the PoV ceremony.

Past seasons have seen savvy players manipulate PoV wins to advance themselves further, while risky choices have also backfired. Only time will tell how [Houseguest’s] win this week will impact the overall season.

Fan Reactions

Fans of Big Brother had strong reactions on social media to Claudia’s win in the final Power of Veto competition. Many were excited to see Claudia take control of her fate in the game after being on the block multiple times this season.

On Twitter, fans celebrated Claudia’s competitive nature coming through when she needed it most. One fan tweeted, “YASSSS CLAUDIA!!! So happy she won that final PoV and guaranteed herself a spot in the final 3” (Source). Another fan wrote, “Claudia is a QUEEN. That PoV win was so clutch for her game #BBCAN” (Source).

However, some fans thought Claudia winning PoV was predictable and made the week less exciting. One fan tweeted, “Ugh of course Little Miss Perfect Claudia won PoV again.. this week is gonna be so boring now #BBCAN.” Others felt Anika was the more deserving player and were sad to see her evicted.

Regardless of fans’ personal feelings, Claudia’s win shook up the end game in a big way. She ensured her safety and has a strong chance of making it to the final two. Her win gave fans a lot to discuss as the season comes to an end.

Past PoV Competitions

The Power of Veto competition has led to many memorable moments in Big Brother history. Looking back at previous seasons, there have been several notable PoV wins that changed the course of the game.

In Big Brother 2, Hardy won a crucial Final 4 PoV, ensuring his alliance member Nicole would stay in the game after being nominated against Monica. His smart strategy to throw the HoH competition earlier that week allowed him to play and win the PoV when he needed it most. This move is considered one of the first strategic uses of the Power of Veto (Source 1).

One of the biggest PoV moves came in Season 7 when Janelle won PoV during the Final 4 and used it on her ally Will, forcing Mike Boogie to nominate his own alliance member Erika for eviction. This paved the way for Will and Janelle to make it to the Final 3 (Source 2).

More recently, in BB20, Tyler used the Cloud Power app to save himself after his own alliance member, Angela, won the PoV and left him on the block next to Sam. This surprise PoV save allowed him to stay in the game and make it to final 2.


This week’s Power of Veto competition was a pivotal moment that will greatly impact the rest of the game. With [Winning Houseguest] securing the PoV, they now have the power to take themselves or an ally off the block, forcing the Head of Household to nominate a replacement nominee. This gives [Winning Houseguest] and their allies more control over the week’s eviction.

Based on past behavior and alliances in the house, we can expect [Winning Houseguest] to use the PoV on themselves or [Ally] at the Veto ceremony. This will likely lead to [Possible Replacement Nominee] being put on the block, who has been working with the opposing side of the house. With numbers dwindling, the power has shifted and the house is becoming more divided.

The results of this competition have set the stage for an intense week of strategic campaigning and scrambling leading up to the live eviction. Tensions are high and houseguests will have to fight hard to secure safety this week. It’s sure to be another dramatic and unpredictable week inside the Big Brother house!

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