How Much Does Top Tier Solar Solutions Pay?

Top Tier Solar Solutions is a residential solar energy company based in Orange County, California. Founded in 2016, Top Tier has quickly become one of the largest solar energy providers in the United States. The company designs and installs solar panel systems for homes, with a focus on providing affordable, high-quality solar power to homeowners.

Top Tier handles the entire solar energy process from start to finish. They provide free solar assessments to determine the appropriate solar system and energy savings for each home. Top Tier then handles permitting, installation, and activation of the solar panels. The company also monitors and maintains the solar systems after installation. Top Tier manages financing options and federal/state/local incentives and rebates to make going solar affordable and hassle-free for homeowners.

With over 600 employees, Top Tier Solar operates in 15 states and has installed over 40,000 residential solar systems since 2016. The company continues to expand its operations across the U.S. through a direct-to-consumer sales model. Top Tier touts its high customer satisfaction ratings and “no-money-down” financing options as key advantages in the increasingly competitive solar industry.

Average Salaries

Top Tier Solar Solutions is known for its competitive compensation packages, offering salaries that often exceed industry averages. According to Glassdoor, reported salaries for popular roles at Top Tier Solar Solutions include:

reported salaries at top tier solar exceed industry averages

  • Sales Representative – $67K | $47K (Source)
  • Solar Consultant – $111K
  • Installer – $43K
  • Project Manager – $77K

Compared to national averages, these salaries are quite high. The median salary for solar sales representatives in the U.S. is $49,180 according to PayScale, so Top Tier’s reported $67K average is 36% higher. Similarly, the typical solar consultant salary is $72K nationally, while Top Tier consultants make $111K on average – a 54% premium.

For installers, Top Tier’s $43K salary exceeds the $41,370 national median by 4%, and their $77K project manager pay is 20% above the $64,127 norm.

Clearly, Top Tier aims to attract top talent in the solar industry by offering superior compensation.

Pay by Role

Salaries at Top Tier Solar Solutions can vary significantly depending on the role. Here are some common positions and typical salary ranges:

Solar Panel Installers: $47,000 – $67,000 per year. Installers are responsible for physically mounting and wiring solar panel systems on rooftops or other structures.

Sales Representatives: $86,000 – $160,000 per year. Sales reps meet with potential customers, assess their energy needs, and sell solar solutions.

Operations Managers: $70,000 – $90,000 per year. Operations managers oversee the day-to-day workflow and output of solar installation crews.

Design Engineers: $80,000 – $110,000 per year. Design engineers create system layouts and plans tailored to each customer’s installation site.

Project Managers: $90,000 – $120,000 per year. Project managers coordinate and oversee the end-to-end process for individual installations.

Competitive Benefits Package

Top Tier Solar Solutions provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package that compares favorably to competitors. This includes:

  • Health Insurance – Employees can choose between several medical plan options from leading insurance providers. Top Tier covers a significant portion of premiums for employees and their families. Plans include vision and dental benefits.
  • 401k Plan – Employees get a 401k retirement plan with up to a 4% company match. This allows workers to save for the future while benefiting from employer contributions.
  • Paid Time Off – Employees start with 15 days of PTO per year. This increases with tenure at the company. PTO can be used for any purpose, including vacation, sick time or personal days.
  • Parental Leave – New parents receive up to 12 weeks of paid leave to bond with their child. This exceeds the industry average.
  • Wellness Benefits – Top Tier provides $500 annually for wellness benefits like gym memberships, massage therapy, stress management programs and more.

Compared to others in the solar industry, Top Tier’s benefits package is quite strong in terms of health insurance coverage, 401k match, and parental leave. This makes them an attractive employer for job seekers.

Bonuses & Commissions

Top Tier Solar Solutions offers generous bonuses and commissions to motivate sales representatives to reach higher performance targets. Many reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed indicate that top performers have the potential to earn significantly more in commissions and bonuses compared to the base salary.

According to reviews on Indeed, Top Tier Solar Solutions pays commissions on sales with accelerators that allow reps to earn a higher percentage as they exceed their quota. The commission structure is tiered, with one review stating that reps earn 7% commission on the initial quota, and this scales up to 12% as reps surpass 200% of their target. There are also quarterly bonuses paid for exceeding goals that can be as high as $20,000 (Source).

The bonus structure provides incremental payouts for continuous improvement against quarterly performance benchmarks. In addition to the quarterly bonuses, Top Tier Solar Solutions also has monthly and annual contests that offer awards like vacations, gift cards, and experience-based rewards.

Equity Compensation

Top Tier Solar Solutions offers equity compensation in the form of stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs) to select employees as part of their overall compensation package. According to reviews on Glassdoor, equity awards are generally provided to senior sales representatives and leadership roles at the director level and above.

Stock options give employees the right to purchase company shares at a set price (the grant or strike price) within a certain timeframe, usually 10 years. The goal is for the share price to rise above the grant price so that the options become profitable to exercise. RSUs are shares of company stock that vest and convert into common stock over time. RSUs have value tied directly to the company’s stock price.

The typical vesting schedule at Top Tier Solar is 4 years with a 1 year cliff. This means that no options or RSUs can be exercised in the first year after the grant. At the 1 year mark, 25% of the equity award vests. Then the remainder vests in equal portions over the next 3 years until the award is 100% vested after 4 years of continued employment (Source).

While equity compensation is not a guarantee and dependent on company performance, it serves as a valuable incentive and retention tool for key employees at Top Tier Solar Solutions.

Salary Satisfaction

According to reviews on Glassdoor, Top Tier Solar Solutions employees seem moderately satisfied with their compensation and benefits, rating it 3.6 out of 5 stars.

This satisfaction rating is on par with industry averages. The solar installation industry as a whole receives moderate compensation satisfaction scores between 3-4 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor.

Some anonymous employee reviews cite “great pay” as a pro of working for Top Tier Solar Solutions, while others wish compensation was higher.

One Sales Manager in California said: “The compensation plan is very fair here with plenty of room to earn big commissions” (Glassdoor).

However, an Installer in Virginia commented: “I feel I should be paid more for the amount of work I do each day” (Glassdoor).

So while salaries seem to meet industry standards, there’s room for Top Tier Solar Solutions to improve in terms of employee satisfaction with pay and benefits.

Room for Growth

According to reviews on Glassdoor (, employees at Top Tier Solar Solutions generally feel there are good opportunities for promotion and growth within the company. Many note that hard work is rewarded through promotions and increased compensation. For example, one review states, “I started as an entry level sales rep and within two years was promoted to team lead. My salary increased by 30% during that time.”

Another reviewer who had been with the company five years explained, “I’ve been promoted twice and my salary has nearly doubled in that time. Top Tier really invests in developing talent internally and provides clear paths for advancement.” According to employees on Indeed (, the company culture emphasizes growth, learning, and providing opportunities to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

While the specific details of promotion opportunities and salary growth depend on role, performance, and availability of openings, the consensus is that Top Tier Solar Solutions supports employee advancement for top performers.

Competitor Comparison

Top Tier Solar Solutions offers competitive compensation compared to other major solar companies. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay at Top Tier is $60,000, which is higher than competitors like SunPower ($55,000) and Sunrun ($52,000).

However, some reviews on Indeed note that commission structures may be more favorable at other solar companies:

“I made good money, but could probably make more with the commission structure at other solar companies.”

So while base salaries tend to be strong, some employees feel earning potential is lower compared to other major installers. Top Tier offers strong benefits and advancement opportunities, but those focused solely on maximizing commissions may find better structures elsewhere.


Top Tier Solar Solutions offers competitive salaries that are on par with the solar industry average. Key roles like solar installers and sales reps can expect to earn $40,000-$60,000 per year, while managers and executives make over $100,000. The company provides strong benefits, including health insurance, 401k matching, and paid time off. There are also opportunities to earn commissions and bonuses based on performance. While pay satisfaction seems to be average among employees, there is a lot of room for growth and advancement within the company. Overall, Top Tier Solar Solutions compensates employees fairly and remains competitive within the renewable energy sector.

For job seekers interested in Top Tier Solar Solutions, the outlook is quite positive. The company pays competitively, offers good benefits, and provides opportunities to advance over time. Candidates with solar experience are especially valued and compensated well here. Before applying or accepting an offer, do your due diligence by researching the role and negotiating salary and benefits. With strong performance, you can increase your earnings through commissions and bonuses. Top Tier Solar Solutions is a stable, growth-oriented company that rewards hard work and loyalty.

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