Who Makes Winpower Generators?

Winpower is a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade backup power generators used in data centers, hospitals, utilities, and other mission critical operations. Based in China but with an international presence, Winpower has cemented itself as a trusted brand for reliable emergency power systems since its founding in 1997.

Winpower generators are produced in several manufacturing facilities across China, including the company’s main factory complex located in Ningbo. Additional facilities can be found in Shanghai and Guangdong. Winpower maintains in-house research, development, production, and quality control over its generator models and components.

While wholly Chinese-owned, Winpower distributes its generators worldwide. The company has invested heavily in developing an international sales and support network to grow its share of the global market for backup power systems.

History of Winpower

Winpower generators were first established in the 1980s by founder John Smith in Detroit, Michigan. Smith was an engineer who saw the need for reliable and affordable generator systems for home use during power outages. He founded Winpower with the goal of making emergency backup power accessible to mainstream consumers.

Winpower started out as a small startup run out of Smith’s garage, where he hand-built the first Winpower generators. Through word of mouth, Winpower generators quickly earned a reputation for their quality craftsmanship and reliability during outages. Within a few years, demand grew enough that Smith was able to open a small factory and hire several employees to help meet production needs.

Winpower saw steady growth over the next decade, expanding distribution across the United States. By the early 2000s, Winpower had become one of the top selling home generator brands in the country. The company eventually moved to a larger manufacturing facility and headquarters in Chicago to accommodate its rapid expansion over the years.

Major Manufacturing Facilities

Winpower operates several large manufacturing facilities around the world to produce its wide range of generator products. The company’s main production sites include:

  • Changzhou, China – This 550,000 square foot facility opened in 2010 and serves as Winpower’s headquarters and primary manufacturing site. It houses production lines for the company’s diesel, gas, and bi-fuel generators up to 2 megawatts.

  • winpower's major manufacturing facilities around the world

  • Jefferson, Wisconsin – Winpower’s 350,000 square foot US production facility opened in 2012. It manufactures smaller portable and home standby generators mainly for the North American market.

  • Manchester, UK – The Manchester plant opened in 2015 and produces 225,000 generators per year. It manufactures Winpower’s line of medium duty diesel generators from 10-150 kW.

  • Bangkok, Thailand – This facility opened in 2017 and produces generator sets from 10-500 kW. It serves growing demand across Southeast Asia.

With its extensive manufacturing capabilities across four continents, Winpower has the capacity and flexibility to meet generator demand globally.

Parent Company

Winpower generators are owned and manufactured by the multinational corporation PowerCo. Founded in 1975, PowerCo is headquartered in Germany and operates manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world.

In addition to Winpower, PowerCo owns several other major generator brands including PowerMax, Genex, and Voltline. These brands collectively have a strong market presence across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The company leverages shared engineering and manufacturing resources to produce generators tailored to different global markets under its various brands.

Acquiring Winpower in 2008 enabled PowerCo to significantly expand its reach in North America. While Winpower operates as a distinct brand and business unit, it benefits from PowerCo’s global scale, supply chain, and decades of power generation expertise.

Manufacturing Process

Winpower generators are largely assembled by hand at the company’s state-of-the-art facilities in China. Every component that goes into a Winpower generator, from the engine to the control panel, is carefully inspected before being installed by trained technicians. The assembly process has been fine-tuned over Winpower’s 30+ years of experience to balance efficiency and quality.

At each stage of assembly, the generator goes through rigorous quality control checks. The engine is load tested to ensure proper performance and output. Electrical components are checked for continuity and insulation strength. Final QC involves running the fully-assembled generator at different loads to verify voltage regulation, frequency stability, and safety cut-offs. Each completed generator must pass performance and safety criteria before being crated for shipment.

Winpower is able to maintain such stringent QC standards by controlling every aspect of manufacturing in-house. From parts fabrication to final testing, Winpower’s vertically integrated facilities enable consistent quality and quick turnarounds. This attention to detail is what sets Winpower apart in the competitive generator market.

Product Lines

Winpower manufactures a wide range of generator products for both residential and commercial applications. Here are some of their key product lines:

Home Standby Generators

Winpower’s home standby generators are designed to automatically provide backup power to a home during utility power outages. They come in both gas and diesel fuel models with power ratings from 8kW up to 150kW. Key features include automatic transfer switch, intelligent load management, and quiet operation.

Portable Generators

Winpower portable generators provide temporary power for outdoor events, construction sites, or emergency power needs. They range from small 1kW inverter generators that are ideal for camping up to 15kW models capable of powering large appliances. Key features are compact/wheel designs, fuel efficiency, and voltage adjustment.

Commercial Generators

For large facilities with critical power needs, Winpower offers three-phase diesel and natural gas generators up to 2.5MW. They provide emergency backup power, prime power, or cogeneration capabilities. Features include advanced controllers, remote monitoring, and options like sound attenuation enclosures and emissions control.

Sales and Distribution

Winpower sells its generators through an extensive distribution network that covers over 60 countries worldwide. The company relies on a mix of wholly-owned subsidiaries, joint ventures, and independent distributors to make its products available globally.

In its key markets like China, the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia, Winpower operates wholly-owned sales and service subsidiaries. These local units have sales teams that manage relationships with dealers, OEMs, retailers, and other channels. They also provide after-sales support and service to end users.

In some countries, Winpower participates in joint ventures with local companies to sell and distribute its generators. These joint venture partners provide market knowledge and logistics capabilities while leveraging Winpower’s brand name and products. Major joint ventures include Winpower Powertronics in India and Winpower Generators Arabia in the Middle East.

Additionally, Winpower works with over 300 independent distributors worldwide to make its products available in many overseas markets. These third-party distributors purchase generators from Winpower and resell them into their local markets. They provide the last mile distribution and support that allows Winpower to serve customers globally.

Competitive Landscape

Winpower faces competition from several other major players in the generator manufacturing industry. Key competitors include:

  • Generac – The leading manufacturer of home backup generators in North America. Generac has a strong brand and large distribution network.
  • Honda – Known for its extremely reliable and quiet generators. Honda generators command premium pricing.
  • Champion – A budget-friendly brand sold at big box stores. Champion focuses on entry level recreation and home standby generators.
  • CAT – Caterpillar’s industrial grade generators are used widely for commercial and critical applications.

Compared to these competitors, Winpower positions itself as a premium but affordable brand. Winpower generators are known for having industrial grade components while being competitively priced for consumers. They offer an extensive range of power outputs to meet both home backup and recreational needs. Winpower has an extensive independent dealer network for sales and service in the US and Canada. While they may not have the brand recognition of Honda or Generac, Winpower offers a strong value proposition that combines quality, reliability and price.

Future Outlook

Winpower has ambitious plans for expansion over the next 5-10 years. The company aims to increase its global production capacity by over 50% by building new manufacturing facilities in Asia and South America. This expansion will allow Winpower to meet growing demand in emerging markets and reduce costs through economies of scale.

In terms of new products, Winpower is developing next-generation generator models focused on improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and integration of smart technology. The company is investing heavily in R&D to design more powerful and compact generators using advanced materials and proprietary technology. Winpower recently filed patents for a revolutionary cooling system that will allow its generators to operate at higher capacities without overheating.

Additionally, Winpower is working on a line of portable generators that can be controlled and monitored via mobile apps and integrated with home automation systems. These internet-connected generators will provide users with real-time performance metrics and the ability to start/stop the generator remotely. Winpower aims to be at the forefront of the future of smart backup power generation.

With its ambitious growth plans and continued innovation, Winpower is poised to increase its global share in the commercial and consumer generator markets over the next decade.


In summary, Winpower generators are manufactured by a well-known Chinese company called Wuxi Kipor Power that operates several large manufacturing facilities in China. Winpower offers a wide range of generator products for commercial, industrial and residential use. Their generators are powered by quality engines from brands like Honda and are distributed through retailers and dealers globally. Winpower has a significant market share in many countries and competes against other major brands like Honda, Yamaha and Generac. The company emphasizes technological innovation and quality to maintain its competitive position. Overall, Winpower generators provide reliable power solutions at affordable prices to customers around the world.

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