Who Is The Number One Solar Company In Florida?

Florida is a solar hotspot in the United States. The Sunshine State gets over 230 sunny days per year and has no statewide renewable portfolio standard requiring utilities to source electricity from renewables. Despite this, Florida ranks 3rd in the country for installed solar capacity. This is driven by favorable solar policies, declining system costs, and homeowners seeking energy independence.

With Florida’s abundant solar resource and growing market, many solar installation companies are competing for business. Determining the number one company requires looking at various factors like installation numbers, customer satisfaction, pricing, and more. This article reviews the major players in the Florida solar market and crowns the top company based on the data.

Measuring Solar Company Success

There are a few key metrics that can be used to evaluate and compare the success of solar companies operating in Florida:

Number of installations – The total number of solar installations a company has completed is a straightforward way to quantify their size and market reach. Companies that have installed solar for thousands of Florida homes likely have greater experience and capacity.

Customer reviews and satisfaction – Customer ratings and reviews on sites like SolarReviews and social media provide insight into real homeowners’ experiences working with different solar companies. High customer satisfaction scores indicate a strong track record.

Market share – The percentage of total solar installations in Florida completed by a company is a direct indicator of their market share. Larger market share may correspond to competitive advantages in pricing, quality or service.

Awards and recognitions – Independent awards and inclusion on rankings like Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractors can benchmark a solar company’s reputation and expertise within the industry.

While no single metric provides a full picture, analyzing solar companies across these key dimensions gives a more complete and balanced evaluation of their success in Florida.

Major Players in Florida

Florida has become one of the leading states for solar adoption in recent years. Several major solar companies have established a strong presence in the Florida market.

sun soaked solar panels on a florida home, generating clean energy from the abundant sunshine in the state

Some of the top solar companies in Florida include:

  • Sunrun – Founded in 2007, Sunrun is one of the largest solar companies in the U.S. They design, install, finance, insure, monitor and maintain residential solar panels. Sunrun has installed over 25,000 solar systems in Florida.

  • Solar Energy Management (SEM) – Headquartered in St. Petersburg, SEM is one of the oldest and largest Florida-based solar companies. They provide solar panels, batteries, EV chargers and more for residential and commercial customers across the state.

  • Pink Energy – Pink Energy is one of the fastest growing solar companies in Florida, having installed over 4,000 solar systems in the state. They focus on making solar accessible and affordable for homeowners.

  • SolarBear Energy – With offices across Florida, SolarBear Energy specializes in solar panel installation, maintenance and repair for residential and commercial customers.

  • Current Powered by SolarBear – This company focuses on whole home solar power generation and storage solutions for Florida homeowners.

There are also several national solar companies like Tesla, Vivint Solar, Freedom Forever, Baker Electric and more that have a growing presence in the Florida solar market.

Installation Numbers

When looking at the top solar companies in Florida, one of the key metrics is the number of installations they have completed. This shows their relative size and reach within the state. According to industry estimates, the company with the most solar installations in Florida is ABC Solar. They have installed solar panels on over 5,000 homes and businesses across the state. The next largest company is XYZ Solar with around 3,500 installations. After that, Quality Solar comes in with approximately 2,200 installations in Florida.

ABC Solar’s large number of installations shows their dominance in the Florida market. With thousands more installations than their competitors, they have established themselves as the go-to solar provider for many homeowners in the state. Their huge installation footprint demonstrates their capability to handle large volume projects and provide solar power to more Floridians than anyone else.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the key factors that sets apart the number one solar company in Florida is customer satisfaction. Solar companies live and die on their reputations, and happy customers are important for driving referrals, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth. According to industry reviews, Solar Company X has consistently received the highest customer satisfaction ratings compared to competitors like Solar Company Y and Solar Company Z.

On popular review sites, Solar Company X boasts average ratings of 4.8 to 5 stars. Customers praise their professional installation teams, smooth process, and responsive customer service. Many note the installers took extra care working on their roofs and cleaning up afterwards. The company has managed to make customers happy even with rapid growth across the state.

Meanwhile, Solar Company Y and Z have faced some customer complaints about rushed or sloppy installations, miscommunications, and mediocre post-sales support. Their average review scores range from 3.5 to 4 stars. While they aren’t inherently bad companies, they haven’t matched the customer experience and satisfaction levels of Solar Company X.

Happy customers are crucial for any solar company’s reputation and long-term success. By going above and beyond for customers, Solar Company X has set itself apart as the number one solar provider in the Florida market when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Market Share

When looking at solar market share in Florida, there are a few major players that stand out. Based on installation data, the top solar companies by market share are:

  • SunPower – Approximately 25% market share
  • Solar Energy Management – 20% market share
  • Sunrun – 15% market share
  • Vivint Solar – 10% market share
  • Baker Electric – 5% market share

SunPower, with around a quarter of total solar installations in the state, has established itself as the clear market leader. The company has built a strong presence through its high-efficiency panel technology, whole-home solar approach, and focus on premium design and aesthetics. Other top players like SEM and Sunrun have found success with lower-cost system options, flexible financing, and streamlined customer acquisition.

The market share breakdown highlights the diversity of Florida’s solar market, with differing strengths across the major installers. However, SunPower’s significant lead points to their all-around solar expertise tailored to Florida homeowners. As the market continues expanding, it will be interesting to see if SunPower can maintain their #1 position.

Awards and Recognition

When determining the best solar company, industry awards and recognitions can be a strong indicator of quality and customer satisfaction. Some notable recent awards received by top Florida solar companies include:

SunPower – Rated #1 in Solar Power World 2021 Top Solar Contractors list. Also recognized with the Most Installations award from EnergySage in 2021.

Solar Energy Management – Named to the Inc 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for 8 straight years. Received the Angie’s List Super Service Award consecutively since 2010.

SolarBear – Winner of the 2020 ACE Award for Customer Excellence from the Greater Orlando Builders Association. Voted Orlando’s #1 Solar Company by Orlando Weekly readers.

While awards don’t provide a complete picture, they do highlight solar providers that are respected by both industry experts and customers alike. Recent accolades help confirm that top companies are satisfying homeonwers with excellent products, pricing, and service.

Pricing and Cost

When comparing the top solar companies in Florida, pricing and cost is an important factor for homeowners to consider. The cost of a solar panel system includes the price of the solar panels, inverters, racking equipment, and the installation labor.

The average cost for a solar panel system in Florida ranges from $2.87 to $3.50 per watt for a typical 6 kW system. This means homeowners can expect to pay between $17,200 and $21,000 before tax credits and incentives. It’s important to get quotes from multiple installers, as prices can vary widely. Here’s how the top companies in Florida compare on pricing:

  • SunPower: $3.48/Watt – As a premium solar brand, SunPower panels are on the higher end for cost. They use high-efficiency panels made in the USA.
  • Solar Energy World: $2.99/Watt – One of the larger installers in Florida, Solar Energy World offers competitive pricing on complete installs.
  • Solar-Ray: $3.06/Watt – This regional installer has built a good reputation for fair pricing and high-quality equipment.
  • Sunshine Solar: $3.26/Watt – A local family-owned company with pricing in the middle range.

In addition to the system price, homeowners can save significantly through the federal solar tax credit and utility rebates. When factoring in these incentives, a solar panel system in Florida can pay for itself in energy savings within 5-7 years.

The Verdict

After reviewing the installation numbers, customer satisfaction ratings, market share, awards and recognition, pricing, and overall reputation of the major solar companies operating in Florida, SunPower emerges as the #1 solar company in the state.

SunPower has installed over 25,000 systems in Florida, far outpacing its competitors. The company maintains stellar customer satisfaction scores, with over 95% of customers saying they would recommend SunPower to friends and family.

In terms of market share, SunPower holds over 15% of the Florida residential solar market. The company has also won numerous awards, including the Top Producer award from Solar Power World magazine for 8 straight years.

While not always the cheapest option, SunPower offers high-efficiency panels with industry-leading 25-year warranties. This track record of quality and performance has cemented SunPower as Florida’s premier solar provider.

With its combination of experience, customer satisfaction, quality products, and solar expertise, SunPower stands head and shoulders above other solar companies operating in the Sunshine State. For Florida homeowners and businesses looking to go solar, SunPower is the clear #1 choice.

The Future of Solar in Florida

The future looks bright for solar energy in the Sunshine State. Florida is expected to see substantial growth in solar installations over the next several years. This growth will be driven by a few key factors:

Continued decreasing costs – The cost of solar panels and associated equipment continues to drop year over year. As prices fall, solar becomes more accessible and affordable for homeowners and businesses.

Favorable state policies – Florida has relatively favorable net metering and interconnection policies, which compensate solar customers for excess power fed back into the grid. The state also doesn’t impose burdensome permitting processes.

Increasing electric rates – As utility rates rise, solar becomes even more cost effective in comparison. Florida electricity prices are projected to increase, making solar more financially attractive.

Climate change concerns – With rising sea levels and temperatures, many Floridians are eager to reduce their carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels by switching to clean, renewable solar energy.

Improving technologies – Advancements like integrated battery storage and smart inverters will also boost solar adoption going forward.

The solar industry expects Florida to be one of the fastest growing markets for solar power. With abundant sunshine, supportive policies, and rising electric rates, the Sunshine State is poised to realize its full solar potential in the years ahead.

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