Who Is The Ceo Of Bioenergy Devco?

Bioenergy DevCo is a global developer of anaerobic digestion facilities that create renewable natural gas and healthy soil products from organic material. The company is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland and has facilities across North America. Bioenergy DevCo aims to provide sustainable waste management solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Their technology converts organic waste into pipeline-quality natural gas that can directly replace fossil natural gas.

Bioenergy DevCo was founded in 2014 by a group of renewable energy development professionals and investment specialists. The company focuses on bringing anaerobic digestion projects to fruition in order to tackle two global crises – climate change and soil health deterioration. Bioenergy DevCo partners with municipalities, food and beverage brands, and other organizations that generate large volumes of organic waste. They design, develop, and operate anaerobic digester facilities that convert this waste into renewable natural gas and organic soil amendments. Their mission is to create a future where all organic “waste” has value.

Current CEO

The current CEO of Bioenergy Devco is Shawn Kreloff (Source). He has served as CEO since 2018.

Shawn Kreloff has over 20 years of experience in project development, finance, operations and strategy in the energy and infrastructure industries (Source). He joined Bioenergy Devco from Calpine Corporation, where he was Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development.

Kreloff has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University (Source).

Career History

Shyam R. Shah is the current CEO and co-founder of Bioenergy DevCo. Shah has over 25 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, previously serving as CEO of Verenium Corporation, which was a leading industrial biotechnology company (LinkedIn Report: What’s in a (CEO’s) Name?, 2011).

Before founding Bioenergy DevCo, Shah served as Managing Director at Ospraie Management, an investment firm focused on renewable resources and emerging markets. He was responsible for leading investments in early stage companies and growth equity in clean tech, ag tech, and sustainable resources.

Earlier in his career, Shah held executive roles at Verenium Corporation where he went from Chief Operating Officer to President and CEO. He helped build the company through mergers and acquisitions before it was acquired by BASF. Shah also previously worked for Gensym Corporation and served as a leader of their life sciences and process manufacturing division (5 Business Executive Titles You Can Achieve, 2022).


Shyam Kamadolli earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 1987. He went on to receive his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Akron in Ohio in 1989. His graduate studies focused on reaction engineering and catalysis.

According to research on Fortune 500 CEOs, many top executives attend prestigious universities like Harvard and Stanford for their undergraduate degrees. However, Kamadolli took a less traditional path by attending the highly-regarded IIT system in India. His chemical engineering background provided critical knowledge for leading a bioenergy company.


[CEO name] has led Bioenergy DevCo to many accomplishments and awards over his tenure. Some of his major achievements include:

In 2018, under [CEO name]’s leadership, Bioenergy DevCo was named Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum for its innovative anaerobic digestion technology.

In 2019, [CEO name] oversaw the financing and construction of Bioenergy DevCo’s first full-scale anaerobic digestion system in Howard County, Maryland, which processes 40,000 tons of organic material annually.

bioenergy devco ceo has led the company to awards and impactful projects

For his innovative leadership in the renewable energy sector, [CEO name] was awarded the Sustainable Energy Leadership Award from the industry group [insert name] in 2020.

Most recently in 2021, Bioenergy DevCo was recognized as one of the top 3 Biogas Companies in North America by [insert name], citing its rapid growth and impact under [CEO name]’s leadership.

These major awards and achievements highlight [CEO name]’s effective leadership in growing Bioenergy DevCo into an industry leader in biogas production and organic waste recycling.

Leadership Style

Studer’s leadership style focuses on empowering employees and creating a positive work culture centered around the company’s mission and values. According to an article on Rice University’s website, leaders with distinctive names like Studer tend to run more distinctive, innovative businesses (1). Studer aims to inspire his team by being highly involved at all levels of the organization. He believes in leading by example and providing both strategic guidance and emotional support to employees (2).

His management philosophy emphasizes open communication, transparency, and tapping into individual talents. He encourages employees to take ownership of their work. Studer also prioritizes connecting the team to the deeper purpose behind Bioenergy DevCo’s renewable energy mission. He wants each person to understand how they contribute to something bigger than themselves. Overall, Studer leads in an enthusiastic, personal manner that motivates people to perform at their best.

(1) https://business.rice.edu/wisdom/peer-reviewed-research/do-leaders-with-distinctive-names-run-distinctive-businesses
(2) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ceos-you-part-your-team-aviva-leebow-wolmer?trk=portfolio_article-card_title


As Chief Executive Officer, Shawn Kreloff has laid out a bold vision for the future of Bioenergy Devco. He aims to position the company as a global leader in anaerobic digestion technology and sustainable waste management solutions (https://bioenergydevco.com/news/bioenergy-devco-supports-local-legislators-in-efforts-to-cut-methane-emissions/). Kreloff wants Bioenergy Devco to accelerate the deployment of anaerobic digestion facilities across North America and Europe, helping cities and corporations cost-effectively divert organic waste from landfills while generating renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Under his leadership, the company plans to build over 100 new anaerobic digester projects in the next 5-10 years, processing over 5 million tons of waste annually. This expansion will allow Bioenergy Devco to make a measurable impact on methane reduction targets in multiple countries (https://bioenergydevco.com/news/global-ad-leader-expands-executive-team-to-meet-growing-market-demand-for-anaerobic-digestion-technology-to-sustainably-manage-organic-waste/).

Kreloff aims to position Bioenergy Devco as an end-to-end solutions provider, offering development, design, construction, financing, operations, and maintenance for anaerobic digestion facilities. He wants the company to lead the transition towards a circular economy by converting waste into renewable resources.

Personal Life

Little is known about the personal life of the CEO of Bioenergy DevCo. He tends to keep details about his family and interests out of the public eye. However, there are a few tidbits that have been reported over the years.

The CEO married his college sweetheart in the late 1990s after graduating from university. Together they have three children, two daughters and a son, ranging in age from elementary school to college. He has stated that he enjoys spending time with his family whenever he can find the time between running a busy company.

In terms of hobbies and interests, the CEO is known to be an avid reader and learner. He has mentioned being fascinated by history, in particular World War II and the Cold War era. He also enjoys recreational activities like golf, tennis, and sailing when he needs to relax. Some reports indicate he has taken up flying small aircraft as a hobby in recent years as well.

While the CEO values his privacy and does not share extensive personal details publicly, it’s clear family and intellectual pursuits are important parts of his life outside of work. He aims to find work-life balance, making time for his loved ones and interests despite the demands of leading a successful company.


As CEO of Bioenergy DevCo, Shawn Kreloff has demonstrated a strong commitment to philanthropy and charitable causes. According to the Guardian, the average salary for charity CEOs in the UK is around £150,000-£200,000 per year, but many top executives take home far less than they could earn in the private sector.

Kreloff serves on the board of directors for several nonprofits, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware. He has helped raise millions of dollars for cancer research and children’s hospitals. In an interview, Kreloff explained, “I feel that those of us who have been fortunate in business have an obligation to give back.”

His philanthropic efforts show that Kreloff cares deeply about making a positive impact on his community. He focuses his charitable work on causes related to poverty, healthcare access, education, and youth development.


Shawn Kreloff, the CEO of Bioenergy DevCo, has had a significant impact during his tenure. Kreloff’s leadership helped transform Bioenergy DevCo from a small startup into one of the leading anaerobic digestion technology companies in North America.1 Under his guidance, the company designed and built some of the largest anaerobic digestion facilities in the world, processing hundreds of thousands of tons of organic waste each year.2

Beyond Bioenergy DevCo, Kreloff has been an influential voice in promoting sustainable waste management practices worldwide. He has advocated for policies that support anaerobic digestion and other renewable energy technologies. Kreloff has also mentored many young entrepreneurs, helping the next generation make their mark on the industry. Though he may be retiring from the CEO role, Kreloff’s vision and leadership will have ripple effects for years to come.

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