What Does Source Energy Services Do?

Source Energy Services is a leading provider of specialized products and services for the energy and industrial sectors in Western Canada. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Source operates in the WCSB (Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin) with a focus on providing safe, innovative and efficient solutions that enhance the economic and environmental performance of drilling and well operations for customers.

With a highly skilled team of over 800 employees, Source leverages its patented technologies and expertise in water management, drilling fluids, and production chemicals to help oil and gas producers complete wells faster, produce more oil and gas, maximize recovery while minimizing environmental impact. As a trusted partner, Source strives to create shared value for all stakeholders through exceptional service, innovation and integrity.

Wellsite Solutions

Source Energy Services is a leading provider of comprehensive wellsite solutions to the oil and gas industry. One of their core service offerings is wellsite solutions that support drilling, stimulation and production operations.

Source offers a wide range of chemical solutions for reservoir stimulation and production optimization. This includes state-of-the-art fracturing and specialty chemicals to maximize well productivity. They also provide production chemicals that inhibit corrosion, control bacteria, and prevent scale and paraffin wax buildup.

In addition, Source supplies all the critical fluids required for drilling operations. They offer water-based, oil-based and synthetic-based drilling fluids to optimize drilling performance even in complex conditions. The company also provides innovative materials for fluid loss control, shale inhibition and borehole stability.

To complement their chemical solutions, Source provides specialized wellsite equipment through their integrated supply chain. This includes storage tanks, processing equipment, metering skids and data monitoring systems tailored to their customer’s specific needs. Their integrated approach allows Source to deliver comprehensive wellsite solutions from a single supplier.

Water Management

Source Energy Services provides innovative water management solutions for the oil and gas industry. With its fleet of water transfer trucks, modular storage tanks, and water recycling technology, Source specializes in handling all aspects of water requirements for wellsites and pipeline projects.

One of the biggest logistical challenges for drilling companies is supplying the millions of barrels of water needed to hydraulically fracture wells. Source has over 500 water transfer trucks capable of hauling fresh, recycled, and produced water to sites. The company’s drivers are highly experienced in navigating oilfield lease roads and safely delivering water even in hazardous winter conditions.

In addition to trucks, Source has a large inventory of temporary modular tanks that can store hundreds of thousands of barrels of water onsite. These tanks help manage the high volume of water coming off wells and efficiently store recycled water for the next stage of completions.

Recognizing the importance of water conservation, Source also provides water recycling services using advanced filtration technology. Its recycling units can treat produced and flowback water to meet regulatory requirements so it can be reused in future fracturing operations. This reduces the industry’s demand on local water sources and minimizes disposal volumes.

With its integrated water transfer, storage and recycling capabilities, Source Energy Services provides complete solutions for oil and gas producers to effectively manage water through all phases of well development.

Specialized Wellsite Accommodations

Source Energy Services provides specialized mobile accommodations to support operations at wellsites. These accommodations allow workers to live safely and comfortably onsite during drilling, completions, or production activities.

The company offers different models of Accommodation units that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each customer and remote worksite. Units range from basic sleepers to more advanced complexes complete with kitchens, recreation areas, offices, and laundry facilities. The modular nature allows multiple units to be combined onsite to meet variable workforce requirements.

A key advantage of Source Energy’s wellsite accommodations is how rapidly they can be deployed via truck to start housing crews. Quickly establishing this infrastructure is crucial for customers to begin work as soon as their rig arrives. Onsite accommodations also improve safety by eliminating crew transports to and from the worksite each shift.

In addition to lodging, Source Energy provides vital ancillary services like catering, housekeeping, and maintenance. Their experienced teams handle all food service, janitorial, and upkeep needs to create a comfortable environment. This enables customers to focus on operational activities while Source Energy manages life support services.

The safety and care of workers is paramount. Source Energy’s Accommodation units and service programs are designed to achieve the highest safety standards, protect the health of personnel, and boost morale. The company works closely with clients to understand workforce requirements and deliver the right wellsite accommodations solution.

Drilling and Completion Fluids

Source Energy Services is a leading provider of custom drilling and completion fluids for oil and gas producers. The company manufactures a wide variety of fluids used in the drilling and hydraulic fracturing processes to optimize operations.

Some of the drilling fluids offered by Source include:

  • Water-based muds – Used for most drilling applications, water-based muds help control downhole pressure, stabilize the wellbore, cool and lubricate the drill bit, and carry rock cuttings to the surface.
  • Oil-based muds – Provide excellent lubrication and shale inhibition in high temperature or high pressure wells where water-based muds are not suitable.
  • Solids-free non-aqueous fluids – Used in underbalanced drilling applications to minimize formation damage.

For hydraulic fracturing operations, Source offers a range of stimulation fluids:

  • Slickwater – A low viscosity, water-based fluid used for fracturing shale formations.
  • Linear gels – Provide moderate viscosity for proppant transport in low to moderate temperature wells.
  • Crosslinked gels – Highly viscous, used for fracturing tighter formations at higher temperatures.
  • Hybrid fluids – Combination of slickwater and gels optimized for specific reservoir conditions.

Source continually develops innovative fluid systems to improve operational efficiency and production for clients. Their technical experts partner closely with customers to customize solutions.

Production Chemicals

Source Energy Services provides a wide range of production chemicals designed to optimize oil and gas production in upstream reservoirs. Production chemicals play an important role in assisting the flow of hydrocarbons, controlling corrosion, and preventing the formation of emulsions or hydrates.

Common production chemicals offered by Source Energy Services include:

  • Corrosion Inhibitors – Corrosion inhibitors form protective barriers on metal surfaces to prevent corrosion. They are often used in pipes, tubing, and tanks. Source offers filming corrosion inhibitors and penetrant corrosion inhibitors.
  • Biocides – Biocides control microbial growth in reservoirs and production systems. Uncontrolled microbial growth can reduce production rates and cause equipment damage. Source provides both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides.
  • Demulsifiers – Demulsifiers help break oil-water emulsions by destabilizing the emulsion interface. Breaking emulsions allows the water and oil phases to separate for easier processing and sale of oil.

Source Energy Services leverages expertise and partnerships with major chemical manufacturers to provide proven, effective production chemical solutions.

Sand Storage and Handling

Source Energy Services is a leading provider of integrated sand storage, delivery, and wellsite logistics services. Their customized sand storage solutions include regional terminals and portable wellsite storage. This allows them to reliably deliver premium frac sand to their customers’ wellsites, when and where it is needed.

At their strategically located terminals, Source stores Northern White frac sand. Their storage facilities utilize technologies like dome structures and moisture protection systems to ensure the sand retains its high quality. This protects the sand from factors like weathering and contamination during storage and handling.

For wellsite storage, Source offers both closed-loop and open-top systems. Their portable SandCubes have a smaller footprint and closed-loop design to minimize dust and spills on location. Open-top storage includes ground storage and vertical silos. Source’s wellsite delivery fleet includes pneumatic trucks as well as bottom-dump trailers.

With integrated storage, transportation, and last mile delivery, Source Energy Services provides efficient end-to-end proppant logistics. Their customized approach to storing and delivering frac sand improves reliability for their customers’ completion programs.

Environmental Stewardship

Source Energy Services is committed to responsible environmental stewardship. They aim to minimize their environmental footprint through sustainable practices and continuous improvement.

Source has implemented an Environmental Management System that follows the ISO 14001 standard. This system helps them identify and manage environmental risks, comply with regulations, and reduce waste and emissions. They routinely monitor their environmental performance and look for ways to enhance their eco-efficiency.

Protecting water resources is a top priority. Source recycles and reuses water at their operations whenever possible. They have also invested in innovative water treatment technologies to clean and reuse flowback and produced water from wells.

In addition, Source seeks to reduce energy consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions. They track key performance indicators in these areas and target improvements. Source also educates employees on sustainability and engages with local communities to promote environmental awareness.

By integrating environmental responsibility into their business model, Source aims to deliver top-tier services while safeguarding ecological integrity for future generations.

Safety Culture

Safety and environmental stewardship are at the core of Source’s values and operations. Source is committed to the health and safety of its employees, contractors, clients and communities where it operates. This is reflected in its rigorous safety programs and certifications.

Source has obtained the Certificate of Recognition (COR) in several provinces. COR recognizes companies with health and safety programs that meet provincial standards. Maintaining COR certification requires ongoing auditing and improvement of Source’s health and safety management system.

Additionally, Source is ISNetworld (ISN) registered across North America. ISN verifies contractors’ safety programs meet industry standards. To achieve ISN registration, Source demonstrated its management systems for safety training, pre-qualification, drug & alcohol screening, insurance/risk management, and analytics on safety metrics.

Source also upholds stringent safety practices and certifications specific to the energy industry. The company is ComplyWorks certified and maintains extensive safety training programs for staff and contractors. With a relentless focus on safety leadership, Source aims to achieve zero incidents and continue building a culture where its team members make safety their top priority.


Source Energy Services is a leader in providing specialized services and equipment to the oil and gas industry across North America. Their diversified offerings allow them to support customers throughout the full lifecycle of a well, from drilling and completions to production and environmental services.

With expertise across wellsite solutions, water management, accommodations, chemistry solutions, proppant storage, and environmental services, Source Energy Services has the capabilities to meet the evolving needs of E&P companies. Their integrated services model enables greater efficiency, lower costs, and responsible operations for their customers.

At the core of Source Energy Services is a culture of safety, sustainability, and superior service. By bringing their full suite of services to bear on customer challenges, Source Energy Services positions themselves as a strategic partner in developing North America’s oil and gas resources.

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