How To Smelt Wood Trunks Using Charcoal To Make More Charcoal In Minecraft?

Charcoal is an important basic material in Minecraft that has many uses. It can be obtained by smelting logs or wood in a furnace. Charcoal acts as a substitute for coal, meaning it can be used for fuel, crafting torches, campfires, and more. One of the main benefits of charcoal is that it is renewable – you can continuously get more charcoal by smelting wood. This makes charcoal more sustainable than coal, which is mined in limited quantities. Charcoal can also be used to smelt logs into more charcoal, allowing you to mass produce a renewable fuel source. This guide will go over how to efficiently smelt wood trunks using charcoal to produce even more charcoal in Minecraft.

Gathering Wood

When starting the process of smelting wood into charcoal in Minecraft, the first step is to gather wood.[1] The best types of wood to collect for making charcoal are oak and birch wood.[2] These woods smelt efficiently in a furnace to produce charcoal.

You’ll want to gather at least one full stack (64 blocks) of wood in order to produce enough charcoal to then use as fuel for future smelting. Oak and birch trees are common in forest biomes, so chop down several of these trees to collect the wood blocks you’ll need.


Crafting a Furnace

To craft a furnace in Minecraft, you’ll need 8 cobblestone blocks. The cobblestone can be mined with a pickaxe or created by placing water or lava next to stone blocks to turn them into cobblestone. You can also craft cobblestone by putting gravel in the stonecutter.

Once you’ve gathered 8 cobblestone blocks, open your crafting table and arrange the cobblestone in the proper pattern to create the furnace:

Furnace recipe

furnace crafting recipe in crafting table interface

This will create one furnace item that you can place in the world. Put the furnace down and interact with it to open the interface.

With a furnace created, you can now start smelting materials like wood logs into charcoal.

Smelting Wood in the Furnace

To smelt wood trunks into charcoal in Minecraft, you’ll first need to craft and place a furnace. Furnaces are used to smelt items and blocks into more useful resources. According to this guide, furnaces have a fuel slot, an input slot, and an output slot.

To craft a furnace, arrange 8 cobblestone blocks in a square shape in the crafting grid. Once you have a furnace, place it down in the world by right-clicking. The furnace GUI will open up when right-clicked.

To smelt wood into charcoal, first fuel must be added to the bottom slot. Any flammable item can be used as fuel such as coal, wood blocks or sticks. More efficient fuels like coal will last longer than wood blocks. According to the Minecraft Wiki smelting guide, 1 wood block smelts 0.15 items.

After adding fuel, place wood trunk blocks like oak or birch logs in the top input slot. The wood will slowly smelt into charcoal which can be collected from the output slot on the right side. Each log smelts into 1 charcoal.

Collecting Charcoal

Once the wood has fully smelted into charcoal in the furnace, it’s time to collect the finished charcoal. To remove the charcoal from the furnace:

  • Open up the furnace’s interface by right-clicking on it.
  • You will see the charcoal output in the right slot of the interface.
  • Move your mouse over the charcoal and left-click to move it into your inventory.

The charcoal will now be stored in your inventory for later use as fuel or for crafting recipes.

It’s important to remove the charcoal once the smelting is complete. Otherwise, the furnace will stop smelting new items since its output slot is full.

As long as there is still wood and available space in the charcoal output, the furnace will continue converting wood logs into charcoal automatically. So be sure to frequently collect the finished charcoal to keep the process going.

Using Charcoal as Fuel

Charcoal is an excellent fuel source for furnaces in Minecraft. Some key advantages of using charcoal as furnace fuel include:

Charcoal burns just as long as coal in furnaces. Both coal and charcoal can smelt 8 items in a furnace before the fuel is used up (Charcoal – Minecraft Wiki – Fandom).

Charcoal is renewable and sustainable. You can get a constant supply of charcoal by smelting wood logs. Trees are abundant and fast-growing, making charcoal an easily renewable fuel source (Charcoal is best fuel. Change my mind. : r/Minecraft).

Charcoal can be automated using tree farms and automatic smelting systems. Setting up an automated charcoal farm provides you with a steady supply of fuel that constantly refills itself.

Overall, charcoal serves as an excellent renewable and efficient fuel for furnaces in Minecraft.

Storing Charcoal

Once you have a good supply of charcoal smelted, you’ll want to store it properly so it doesn’t despawn. Here are some methods for storing charcoal in Minecraft:

Chests are the most common storage item in Minecraft. Place chests near your furnace and stockpile charcoal in stacks inside the chests. Large chests hold up to 48 stacks of items.

Bundles are a great portable way to carry stacks of charcoal. Craft bundles with rabbit hide and string, then pack up to 64 items into each bundle. Keep bundles of charcoal in your inventory for fuel when exploring or mining.

Barrels are useful for mass storage of charcoal or other items. Place barrels near your smelting area and load them with stacks of charcoal. Barrels hold up to 256 items each.

Shulker boxes offer secure, portable item storage. Craft shulker boxes with shulker shells then fill them with charcoal before transporting. Shulker boxes maintain their inventory when broken.

For large stockpiles, build an automatic sorting system using hoppers, chests, and item filters. Funnel charcoal from furnaces into organized storage for convenient access.

Proper charcoal storage helps ensure you always have fuel ready for smelting, cooking, and crafting flammable items like torches or campfires. Keep charcoal secure in chests, bundles, barrels, shulker boxes, or automated systems.

Crafting With Charcoal

Charcoal can be used in place of regular coal for crafting various items in Minecraft. Some of the key items that require charcoal as an ingredient include:

  • Torches – Torches provide portable light sources and are one of the most common early game items crafted. Each torch requires 1 stick and 1 charcoal or coal (Charcoal – Minecraft Wiki).
  • Campfires – Campfires can be used for lighting, cooking, and smoke signals. Crafting a campfire requires 3 sticks, 1 coal/charcoal, and 3 logs (Charcoal – Minecraft Wiki – Fandom).
  • Firework rockets – For crafting firework rockets, charcoal can substitute gunpowder. Each rocket requires 1 paper, 1 gunpowder/charcoal, and optional dyes.
  • Firework stars – The explosive charge in firework stars can be charcoal instead of gunpowder. Each firework star needs 1 dye and 1 gunpowder/charcoal.
  • Carbon – By smelting charcoal in a furnace, you can produce carbon which is used for crafting blocks of coal, ink sacs, and dyes.

Overall, charcoal can replace coal in any recipe, which makes it extremely useful when coal is not readily available. However, charcoal cannot be traded with villagers like coal can.

Automating Charcoal Production

One of the most efficient ways to produce large amounts of charcoal in Minecraft is by automating the smelting process. This allows you to continuously generate charcoal without having to manually refuel the furnace or collect the finished product.

To automate charcoal production, you will need:

  • Furnace
  • Chest
  • Hoppers
  • Dispenser

Place a chest next to the furnace to hold the wood that will be smelted. On top of the furnace, place a hopper to automatically pull wood from the chest into the furnace.

On the side of the furnace, place another hopper to collect the charcoal output. This hopper should lead into a second chest where the charcoal will be stored.

To automatically refuel the furnace, place a dispenser pointing into the side of the furnace. Fill the dispenser with a stack of fuel such as coal, charcoal, or wooden planks. The dispenser will automatically dispense fuel as needed to keep the furnace burning.

With this simple automated system, you can continuously smelt large amounts of wood into charcoal without needing to manually refuel or collect the output. The furnace will pull wood from the chest, smelt it into charcoal, and dispense the charcoal into the storage chest automatically.


Smelting wood trunks into charcoal using a furnace is a straightforward process in Minecraft. First, you’ll need to gather wood by chopping down trees. Turn the wood into planks, then use the planks to craft a furnace. Place the furnace down and load it with wood trunks. After a few minutes, the wood will smelt into charcoal which you can collect from the furnace.

Here are some tips for efficient charcoal production in Minecraft:

  • Use birch or oak logs instead of other wood types – these smelt faster.
  • Build multiple furnaces to increase charcoal output.
  • Construct hoppers leading into furnaces to automatically load new wood.
  • Plant saplings near your smelting area to have a renewable wood source.
  • Store excess charcoal in chests so you always have fuel available.

By following this simple smelting process, you’ll have a reliable source of charcoal fuel from the wood in your Minecraft world. With enough furnaces and hoppers, you can produce charcoal automatically. Use charcoal to smelt ores, cook food, and craft torches – it’s one of the most useful renewable resources in the game.

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