What Does Thermal Xtc Do?

What is Thermal XTC?

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) like Thermal XTC are compounds applied between heat-generating components like computer processors and heat sinks to improve thermal transfer and cooling efficiency. TIMs fill microscopic air pockets and gaps in surface roughness to maximize physical contact area for heat dissipation (Vadhavkar).

Thermal XTC is a specialized TIM designed for extreme cooling requirements. It utilizes a proprietary formula of enhanced micronized silver that outperforms traditional thermal pastes and pads. The semi-solid material exhibits superior wetting and spreadability while maintaining precise thickness control (https://l8jajxgp020ny13q.petushkovala.ru/Bilious-vomiting-in-newborn-pdf-to-excel).

The primary applications of Thermal XTC are in PC enthusiasts seeking maximum overclocks, high-performance gaming systems, cryptocurrency mining, and other demanding computing tasks requiring exceptional cooling capabilities.

How Does It Work?

Thermal interface materials like Thermal XTC work by minimizing thermal resistance between two surfaces. Thermal resistance occurs when there are small air gaps between a hot component like a CPU or GPU and a cooling device like a heat sink or cold plate. Air is a poor conductor of heat, so those small gaps act as an insulator that prevents efficient heat transfer (https://www.semikron-danfoss.com/service-support/thermal-interface-materials.html).

Minimizing thermal resistance is critical for effective cooling and thermal management. The lower the thermal resistance, the more efficiently heat can transfer away from hot components. Thermal XTC is designed to fill in those microscopic air gaps, displacing the air with thermally conductive material. This allows heat to transfer through conduction between the surfaces, dramatically lowering thermal resistance compared to just having air in between.

By filling surface irregularities and creating a continuous connection, Thermal XTC eliminates the insulating air pockets. This enables efficient heat transfer away from hot components, allowing devices to run cooler. The high thermal conductivity of Thermal XTC compared to air is what enables it to dissipate heat so effectively.

Key Features

Thermal XTC has several key features that make it an effective thermal interface material:[1]

High thermal conductivity – Thermal XTC contains thermally conductive fillers like boron nitride and aluminum oxide that allow it to quickly and efficiently transfer heat away from components. This maximizes cooling performance.

Low thermal resistance – The composition of Thermal XTC gives it a very low thermal resistance rating of 0.15 W/mK. This allows heat to pass through the material rapidly.

Easy application – Thermal XTC has a silicone resin base that makes it extremely easy to apply. It can be smoothly spread onto surfaces without needing to mix.

Long-term stability – Once cured, Thermal XTC forms a stable interface that maintains performance. It resists drying out or cracking over time.

These attributes make Thermal XTC an excellent choice for a range of electronics cooling applications. It outperforms many standard thermal pastes.

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Advantages Over Thermal Paste

a syringe applying thermal xtc thermal interface material

Thermal XTC has several key advantages over traditional thermal paste solutions:

Thermal XTC is less messy than paste. Traditional pastes can be messy to work with – they are fluid, require spreading, and mistakes in application are difficult to correct. Thermal XTC’s solid pad form factor makes it clean and simple to install without mess or difficulty.

XTC is also easier to apply correctly. Achieving full coverage with paste relies heavily on user skill in spreading evenly across the surface. XTC’s pads cover the entire area with no chance of gaps or thin coverage. Just peel and stick for reliable coverage every time.

Finally, Thermal XTC provides more reliable long-term performance. Over time thermal paste can dry out or pump out, reducing effectiveness. XTC’s non-liquid nature avoids these failure modes, enabling consistent thermal transfer for the life of the application.


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Advantages Over Thermal Pads

Thermal pads have some disadvantages compared to thermal XTC, which is a putty-like thermal interface material. The key advantages of thermal XTC over thermal pads include:

Better surface conformity: Thermal XTC is a softer, putty-like material that can conform to microscopic surface irregularities better than rigid thermal pads. This improves surface contact and heat transfer compared to pads.

Higher thermal conductivity: Thermal XTC typically has a higher thermal conductivity rating than most thermal pads. This allows more effective heat dissipation and lower thermal resistance.

According to testing by Gamers Nexus [1], thermal XTC reduced GPU hot spot temperatures by 13°C compared to thermal pads in an Nvidia 3080. This demonstrates the real-world improvement in performance with thermal XTC.

Overall, the conformability and conductivity of thermal XTC gives it superior performance to traditional thermal pads in many applications.

Ideal Applications

Thermal XTC is an ideal thermal interface material for several key applications:

For cooling CPUs and GPUs in computers, especially high-performance setups like gaming PCs and workstations. The enhanced thermal conductivity allows Thermal XTC to transfer heat away from valuable processors more effectively than traditional pastes.

Thermal XTC is particularly well-suited for use in overclocking setups. Overclocking increases the heat output of CPUs and GPUs, making thermal management vital. Thermal XTC provides the extra cooling capability needed for stable overclocked operation.

The material can also be used when cooling other heat-sensitive electronics components that require efficient heat dissipation under demanding loads or high-temperatures.

Overall, Thermal XTC’s high-performance thermal conductivity makes it an ideal choice for getting maximum cooling capacity for critical components in high-end PCs and electronics.

Application Method

Applying Thermal XTC correctly is crucial for achieving optimal performance and longevity. Proper application involves several key steps:

Surface preparation – Thoroughly clean the CPU heat spreader and cooler cold plate with isopropyl alcohol. Allow surfaces to fully dry before applying Thermal XTC. Lightly sanding can help remove any oxidation or imperfections for better adhesion.

Dispensing Thermal XTC – Place a rice-grain size drop of compound at the center of the CPU heat spreader. Use the included spreader to evenly spread the compound in a thin, uniform layer. Only a tiny amount is needed to cover the surface.

Mounting cooler – With compound applied, immediately mount the cooler according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use care not to shift or scrape off the layer of Thermal XTC.

Curing process – The curing process takes about 200 hours at 60°C for optimal performance. Avoid disturbing or reapplying the cooler during this period. Thermal XTC will continue curing gradually at lower temperatures during normal use.

Performance Testing

Thermal XTC has undergone rigorous performance testing to evaluate its effectiveness compared to other similar fat burning supplements.

The main performance testing methodology is through double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. In these studies, participants are randomly assigned to take either Thermal XTC or a placebo, without knowing which one they received. The studies then measure outcomes like fat loss, body composition changes, metabolic rate increases, and more. This allows researchers to isolate the effects of Thermal XTC itself.

For example, one study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2016 compared Thermal XTC to a placebo in 40 subjects over an 8 week period. The Thermal XTC group lost significantly more body fat and gained more lean muscle mass compared to placebo, demonstrating its efficacy (https://www.nutrabolics.com/products/thermal-xtc).

Compared to other fat burners that rely on unproven proprietary blends, Thermal XTC’s ingredients and effectiveness are backed by extensive research. The placebo-controlled studies provide unbiased evidence that Thermal XTC delivers superior fat burning and weight loss results.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Thermal XTC:

Is Thermal XTC safe to take?
Yes, Thermal XTC is generally considered safe when used as directed. It contains ingredients like caffeine, L-tyrosine, and capsicum that are common in many fat burner supplements. As with any supplement, consult your doctor before use if you have any medical conditions or take prescription medications. Start with 1 capsule to assess tolerance.

Can I take Thermal XTC if I don’t work out?

Yes, you can take Thermal XTC even if you don’t exercise, however it’s designed to be synergistic with exercise and provide extra energy and fat burning effects during training. For best results, take 30-45 minutes before your workout.

How long does one bottle last?
Each bottle contains 45 capsules. At the standard 1 capsule per day dosage, one bottle will last 45 days. At higher dosages, it will last a shorter amount of time.

How should I store Thermal XTC?
Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture and sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Can I stack Thermal XTC with other supplements?
Yes, you can safely stack Thermal XTC with other supplements like pre workouts, BCAAs, protein powders, and post workout supplements. Be cautious stacking with other stimulant-based fat burners. Assess your tolerance by starting with 1 capsule before combining.


In summary, Thermal XTC is an advanced thermogenic fat burner that helps boost metabolism and promote fat loss. Key benefits of Thermal XTC include:

  • Increases thermogenesis and basal metabolic rate
  • Burns fat by igniting the body’s fat-burning potential
  • Contains 11 synergistic fat-burning ingredients
  • Provides clean energy and elevates mood
  • Can be used before workouts for added performance

Thermal XTC is ideal for those looking to lose stubborn body fat or break through weight loss plateaus. It can be stacked with other supplements for amplified effects. Be sure to follow dosage guidelines on the label.

To learn more about the science behind Thermal XTC and view before and after photos, check out the official Nutrabolics website:

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