Is Inspire Clean Energy Legit

is inspire clean energy legit

Inspire Clean Energy is a renewable energy company that allows homeowners to access clean energy like wind and solar power for their electricity needs. The company was founded in 2018 with the goal of making renewable energy accessible and affordable for residential customers across the U.S. (Our promise).

Inspire partners with renewable energy generators across the country to match customers with sources of clean energy like wind farms and solar installations. They offer flexible plans that allow homeowners to purchase renewable electricity at a fixed rate, providing price certainty and protection from rising utility costs. Inspire handles switching utility accounts over to renewable sources and provides online account management for customers (Inspire Clean Energy: Renewable Energy Company For …).

Company Background

Inspire was founded in 2014 by Patrick Maloney and Matt Watson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Inspire’s founders were inspired to start the company after seeing widespread public demand for action on climate change (Our promise).

Patrick Maloney previously worked at eVgo, Green Mountain Energy, and SunRun – successful clean energy companies. Matt Watson also came from a background in the energy industry (Our Story | Inspire Clean Energy). The founders aimed to make clean energy accessible through simple, affordable plans.

Inspire is a venture-backed startup, having raised over $200 million since being founded. The company is based in Philadelphia but serves customers in multiple states (Inspire – Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding).

Services Offered

Inspire Clean Energy offers a few key services aimed at making the switch to clean energy easier for homeowners. Their main offering is a renewable energy plan where they purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) on your behalf to offset 100% of your electricity usage with clean energy from U.S. wind and solar farms. Inspire partners with your existing electric utility so you can keep the same electricity service and billing while supporting renewable energy [1]. This makes it an easy, no hassle way to reduce your carbon footprint without installing solar panels.

In addition, Inspire provides options to add on renewable energy credits from specific environmental initiatives. For example, you can purchase RECs from the Maple Ridge Wind Farm to support clean energy in New York or the Lone Star Wind Project for clean energy in Texas [1].

For homeowners who do want to go solar, Inspire has a marketplace where you can get quotes from local solar panel installers and financing options. They aim to provide education and simplify the process of switching to solar panels.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customer reviews of Inspire Clean Energy are mixed. On the company’s website, they showcase many 5-star reviews praising their customer service and the sense of making a positive environmental impact.

However, on third-party review sites like the Better Business Bureau and Energy Ratings PA, reviews are more critical. According to the BBB, some customers felt misled by sales pitches promising lower rates, when their bills actually increased after signing up. Others complained about poor customer service and difficulties canceling contracts.

On Energy Ratings PA, Inspire earned only 1.6 out of 5 stars for customer service. Many reviews cited issues with unexpected rate increases, misleading sales tactics, and poor account management. Some had trouble getting billing errors corrected.

Based on these reviews, potential customers of Inspire Clean Energy should carefully review all contract terms and do their research before signing up. Experiences seem to vary, but many independent reviews contradict the wholly positive testimonials on Inspire’s website.

Credibility & Certifications

Inspire Clean Energy has earned strong credibility and certifications in the clean energy industry:

Inspire is a Certified B Corporation, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. This certification indicates Inspire’s commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

The company has been Certified by Great Place to Work for six consecutive years, based on anonymous employee surveys evaluating workplace culture. This demonstrates Inspire’s dedication to building an outstanding employee experience.

These notable certifications from reputable third-party organizations reflect Inspire’s trustworthiness and focus on corporate social responsibility in the renewable energy sector.

Pricing & Contracts

Inspire offers variable rate month-to-month electricity plans without annual contracts or cancellation fees. Rates vary by location and are based on the local energy market. According to their website, Inspire will notify customers of the monthly rate prior to enrollment and charges can be viewed on each monthly bill. There are no hidden fees.

Initial introductory rates start at $39.99/month for the first month. Rates are then re-evaluated on a monthly basis depending on energy market conditions. Customers in California, for example, pay a variable rate between $0.12-0.20 per kWh based on monthly wholesale electricity prices in their area according to Inspire’s Terms of Service.

Unlike fixed rate plans that lock in a rate for 6-36 months, Inspire’s month-to-month structure allows rates to fluctuate but customers have the flexibility to cancel anytime without penalty. The monthly notifications allow customers to stay informed on rate changes each month.

Pros of Using Inspire

There are many benefits for homeowners who choose to go solar with Inspire. According to the company’s website, Inspire makes it easy and affordable for homeowners to switch to clean energy (

Some of the key advantages of using Inspire include:

  • Fixed monthly payments that are typically 10-20% less than your current utility bill (
  • No long-term contract required – flexible terms with ability to move or buyout at any time
  • Access to renewable energy from solar or wind without installing rooftop panels
  • Ability to track energy usage and savings through online dashboard
  • Certified B Corp focused on positive environmental impact (

By partnering with Inspire for solar energy, homeowners can take advantage of cost savings, sustainability, and peace of mind without major equipment installations or commitments.

Cons & Considerations

While Inspire Clean Energy aims to provide renewable energy at competitive rates, there are some downsides and risks to consider before signing up:

Some customers have complained about unexpectedly high bills after switching to Inspire, according to reviews on the Better Business Bureau. The variable rate pricing means costs can fluctuate month-to-month.

Cancelling Inspire’s service can be difficult, with penalties for early termination according to customer reviews. Make sure to review the fine print before signing a contract.

While Inspire states the electricity comes from renewable sources, some critics question whether the accounting methods fully support these green energy claims.

As a relatively new company, Inspire has a limited track record compared to long-standing energy providers in the region.

Overall, customers should carefully compare Inspire’s rates and policies to their current provider before switching. Monitor bills closely after signing up to ensure the pricing meets expectations.


While Inspire is a reputable solar company, there are other top providers worth considering as well. According to CNET, some of the best solar companies in 2024 include:

SunPower – Known for high-efficiency solar panels and quality customer service. SunPower offers strong 25-year warranties on its equipment and installation. However, its systems tend to be more expensive than competitors.

Tesla – Tesla Energy provides solar panels as well as the Powerwall home battery for energy storage. Tesla solar panels have above-average efficiency ratings and competitive pricing. The main drawback is longer wait times due to high demand.

Sunrun – The largest dedicated residential solar company in the US. Sunrun offers solar leases and PPAs with little to no upfront costs. Their solar services are available in 22 states, but local contractor quality can vary.

When comparing Inspire to alternatives, it’s worth looking at the company’s reputation, service offerings, pricing, and availability in your area. Doing thorough research is key to finding the best solar provider for your home’s needs and budget.


In summary, Inspire Clean Energy does appear to be a legitimate clean energy provider for homeowners looking to switch to renewable energy. They are a certified B-Corp with transparent pricing and generally positive customer reviews. Their focus on providing 100% clean energy along with energy savings offers homeonwers an appealing value proposition.

That said, as with any company, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. Their contracts can be difficult to get out of, and their rates, while competitive, may not necessarily be the absolute lowest available. Careful comparison shopping is still advised.

Overall, Inspire Clean Energy has built up a decent reputation over the past few years as a renewable energy supplier committed to sustainability and customer satisfaction. For homeowners aligned with their values and seeking greener energy, Inspire is likely a solid option to consider.

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