Do Power Boosting Shower Heads Work?

What Are Power Boosting Shower Heads?

Do power boosting shower heads work?

Power boosting shower heads, sometimes called high-pressure shower heads, use a variety of techniques to increase the water pressure from your existing plumbing system (source: They often have internal parts that restrict the flow path of the water to increase its speed and pressure as it exits the shower head.

These showerheads claim to provide a more invigorating shower experience by delivering a strong spray of water, even when your home’s water pressure is low. They aim to simulate the feeling of high water pressure by concentrating the water flow into individual jets or streams (source:

Power boosting shower heads typically have self-pressurizing designs, special nozzles, or flow restrictors built into them. These features work together to increase the speed and pressure of the water as it exits the shower head, compared to standard models.

How Do Power Boosting Shower Heads Claim to Work?

Power boosting shower heads, sometimes called high pressure shower heads, use different techniques to increase the water pressure coming through your existing shower.

Most advertise that they can increase the gallons per minute (GPM) anywhere from 1.5 GPM to over 2.5 GPM. They make these claims through various internal design mechanisms:

  • Constricting the internal water flow through narrower channels, similar to putting your thumb over the end of a hose to increase the pressure.
  • Using multiple nozzles or jets that focus the water flow.
  • Injecting air into the water flow to add force.
  • Using a pressurized chamber that builds up kinetic energy.

The companies selling these shower heads tout their patented designs to explain how they can boost your existing water pressure, promising a more invigorating and powerful shower experience.

Testing the Pressure Increase

Many reviews and tests have been conducted on power boosting shower heads to evaluate their claims of increased water pressure. According to tests conducted by Consumer Reports, the leading power boosting shower heads were able to increase flow rates by about 20-30% compared to standard models

However, the increased flow rate did not always directly translate to a noticeable increase in pressure. The sensation of pressure has more to do with the spray pattern design than just flow rate. Wider spray angles and concentrated streams feel stronger than dispersed sprays, even at the same flow rate.

YouTube channel Project Farm conducted an in-depth test comparing several top-rated pressure boosting shower heads to standard models They used pressure gauges and flow meters to objectively measure the performance. The results showed at most a 30% increase in water pressure from the top models like the Hopopro, Aqua Elegante, and Speakman. However, some lower-priced boosting shower heads performed no better than a standard shower head.

Overall, testing confirms that the best power boosting shower heads can moderately increase water pressure, but often not to the extent claimed in advertising. The design of the spray pattern plays a big role in the perceived pressure. Shoppers should look for well-tested models to get the best boost in both measured and felt water pressure.

Impact on Water Usage

There is some debate on whether high-pressure, high flow shower heads actually save water. Traditional wisdom says that the higher the flow rate of the shower head, the more water it uses. However, newer high-efficiency shower heads use advanced technology to increase pressure while maintaining a low flow rate.

For example, the Whedon Showerhead 1.5 gpm USB4C provides a high-pressure spray while using only 1.5 gallons per minute. This meets EPA WaterSense standards for high efficiency.

High-pressure shower heads often have multiple spray settings, like a focused jet stream and a wider rain shower. Having options allows users to choose the right mode for rinsing or relaxing. This can shorten shower times, using less water.

In summary, well-designed high-pressure models with low flow rates can increase satisfaction while staying within water usage guidelines. But cheaper pressure-boosting heads without flow restrictors will likely increase water waste. Overall, it depends on the specific shower head technology and design.

Reviews from Plumbers

Industry experts like plumbers who have installed power boosting shower heads for many customers can provide insightful opinions on how well they actually work in real-world conditions.

According to a review on The Italian Plumber’s website, propeller-driven shower heads that claim to increase water pressure do provide a noticeable difference. After installation, customers reported stronger pressure, good coverage, and an overall enjoyable shower experience. However, the plumbers noted maintenance is required to prevent mineral buildup which can clog the small propeller over time.

Several YouTube videos from plumbers comparing various power boosting shower heads found the High Sierra’s All Metal High Efficiency model provided one of the biggest perceptible pressure increases thanks to its dual rubber jets. But the plumbers warned installation is tricky and it may be too strong for some users. Most recommended trying it risk-free since Amazon offers free returns.

Overall, plumbers conclude power boosting shower heads can increase pressure to varying degrees, especially for homes with low water pressure issues. But quality and longevity varies, with more expensive metal and multi-jet models outperforming cheaper plastic versions over time.

Homeowner Experiences

Many homeowners have tried power boosting shower heads and shared their experiences online. According to a reddit thread (, results seem to vary. Some users report a noticeable difference in water pressure and find the shower experience is greatly improved. However, others feel the pressure increase is underwhelming and not worth the cost.

Reviews on Amazon seem to echo this sentiment. The popular Hydroluxe High Pressure Shower Head has over 23,000 reviews and 4/5 stars ( The majority of buyers are satisfied with the performance, but some complain it doesn’t live up to the “power boost” claims, especially in homes with already low water pressure.

Overall, real-world reviews indicate power boosting shower heads can provide a worthwhile improvement, but may not work miracles. Factors like existing plumbing and water pressure play a big role. Reviewers generally agree the shower experience is enhanced, but recommend setting realistic expectations on the pressure increase.

Cost Considerations

Power boosting shower heads typically cost more than regular shower heads. On Amazon, regular shower heads can be found for as low as $10, while power boosting models start around $25 and go up to $75 or more.

For example, the popular SparkPod Power Pressure Boosting Shower Head costs $29.99 on Amazon. In comparison, you can find basic 2.5 GPM shower heads for under $15.

The increase in price is due to the more complex internal design of power boosting shower heads. They require additional internal components to increase the water pressure. While more expensive upfront, some consumers feel the improved shower experience is worth the extra cost.

Installation and Maintenance

Power boosting shower heads are generally easy for the average DIY homeowner to install. Most models simply twist or screw onto your existing shower arm like a regular shower head. Refer to the product instructions for specific installation steps. Basic plumbing skills may be needed to adjust pipe fittings or replace shower arms if the connection types don’t match.

To maintain water pressure over time, it’s important to periodically clean shower heads. The DIY Network recommends soaking the shower head in a vinegar solution for 1 hour to dissolve limescale and mineral deposits blocking the nozzles. You can also use a toothbrush or soft cloth to gently scrub the nozzles. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or materials that could damage the finish. Follow manufacturer cleaning recommendations.

Some shower heads like those from Ecocamel have easy-clean rubber spray nozzles that can be individually cleaned. The package may also include extras that you can swap out when clogged. Refer to your product manual for nozzle cleaning, troubleshooting and replacement instructions.

Properly installing and maintaining your shower head will help it function as designed over the long run. Take care not to overtighten connections, which can lead to leaks. Periodic inspection and cleaning is key. Replace as needed per manufacturer recommendations.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing the mechanics, testing results, user experiences, and expert analysis, the bottom line is that power boosting shower heads can provide a noticeable increase in water pressure and flow rate by restricting the flow to increase velocity, but they do not actually add power or boost your home’s water pressure. The perceived power boost comes at the cost of using more water. Unless your home already has low water pressure, you may not notice a significant difference in pressure. Power boosting shower heads are affordable and easy to install, but require more frequent cleaning to prevent clogs. If your priority is a strong spray, these shower heads can help, but a high efficiency model or basic water pressure booster pump may be a better solution for improving your shower’s performance.


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